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Your salespeople value their time spent in front of customers, not in front of your CRM. They want to do what they do best - SELL - and not waste time reporting on their activities and client meetings. AnswerNet’s Voice2CRM Transcription Service eliminates the need for your sales team to spend countless hours performing administrative tasks, enabling them to spend more time doing what they do best - selling your products or services.

Sell More - Type Less

The Voice2CRM Transcription Service allows your sales force to call in and record information to AnswerNet’s voice recording system which is then transcribed and entered into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. The Voice2CRM Transcription service uses live call center agents to accurately transcribe your voice recordings or email into your CRM.

Voice2CRM increases the efficiency of your sales force. It also increases the value of your CRM because users are able to provide more accurate and comprehensive entries when calling in while the information is still fresh. And, the data entry burden is lifted off your sales team’s shoulders.

Voice2CRM Benefits Voice2CRM Features
  • Salespeople do not lose important data
  • Reduces administrative duties
  • Works with any web based CRM
  • No software upload or download required
  • Promotes Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Flexible and scalable to fit your needs
  • Easy to use - Low tech
  • Cost effective - improves sales efficiencies
  • Sales Representatives can “sell more, type less”
  • No changes to your current workflow process
  • Critical data and recordings entered directly to CRM
  • Submit thoughts and critical meeting notes by phone and/or email
  • Create new customer records or email drafts simply by talking
  • Customizable prompts
  • Quick-instruction guide
  • Spreadsheet and email submission available
  • Optional reporting capability
  • Transcribed by a trained agent to avoid
    automated transcription errors
  • Only one designated number to call
  • 24 hour transcription turnaround

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Voice to CRM Transcription Service: Voice to CRM transcription services allow salespeople to call in and record information which is then transcribed and entered in into your customer relationship management (CRM) database. AnswerNet's Voice2CRM is a transcription service that uses live call center agents to accurately transcribe your voice recordings or email into your CRM.