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Extend Your Sales Team With Telesales Services!

Telesales BrochureIf you are looking for telesales services, no matter what your target audience or specific needs, AnswerNet’s dedicated telesales services call center agents are ready to manage your Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) telesales programs!

AnswerNet telesales agents are specially selected and trained on your programs. They listen for the right moments to;
  • Convert leads into prospects,
  • prospects into customers and
  • information or service calls into sales transactions.

The telesales agents’ courteous, helpful and professional manner creates customer interest and helps retain their business.

To obtain top telesales results, scripts are carefully written and agents are monitored and coached.

With over 35,000 clients, the odds are excellent that AnswerNet has handled a telesales program similar to yours.

In order to generate success, your program is assigned telesales agents that have telesales experience and skills that match your requirements.

These professionals work from one of our dedicated telesales call centers.

Here are just a few of the business types that have outsourced their telesales to AnswerNet:

  • Biotech
  • Computer and networking hardware and software
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Consumer products
  • Cable/Internet services
  • Beauty/salon products

To help achieve telesales success, AnswerNet closely monitors response rates. Client Service Managers meet with you throughout each step of your telesales program to assess results and, if necessary, make adjustments to boost the results.

AnswerNet can provide you with dedicated management and detailed reporting for your telesales program.

Basic Telesales Services

Are your products or services straightforward, requiring single calls to customers or prospects to qualify leads, set appointments and close sales?

The AnswerNet’s basic telesales services effectively present offers that customers and prospects will respond to again and again.

Several of our telesales call centers have predictive dialers which enable fast, efficient calling and quick results generation.

Sales Cycle Telesales Services

Do you provide goods and services that are high value, complex and require more than one call to achieve results?

Are your customers and prospects challenging-to-reach C-Level Executives or elite consumers?

Contact AnswerNet Call CentersAnswerNet telesales services agents follow through from lead to close in order to create and develop customer relationships.

Dedicated telesales services agents are specially trained to overcome obstacles between you and your buyers. They stay in touch with existing and likely customers at each segment of the sales cycle.

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