AnswerNet Santa Hotlines:

Santa Hotline Services

Santa Hotline Services

Imagine the joy on your child’s face when they hear Santa’s voice and are able to leave him a message with their entire Christmas list!

Imagine the delight on your own child’s face as they tell you all about what they said and what they heard from Santa.

Extend the magic of the holidays to the children of your employees, customers, members and friends, with AnswerNet’s Santa Hotline!

Kids can call in and leave messages for Santa, so he knows their holiday wishes. You get an unlimited number of messages, so kids can call as many times as they like. And, you can dial in to retrieve the messages at any time.

This season, we are making it even easier to get started!

This season, we’re making it even easier to get started! The full package includes the hotline number, email messaging to send to your contacts, poster and flyer artwork, and a guide to using the service and maximizing its potential.

The cost is $75.00 for all of the above. This is a complete holiday package that you can put to use right away. Order now up until December 21st.

Key Benefits

  • Helps Santa’s “Elves” Write Their Christmas Gift List
  • Spreads Holiday Cheer to Kids and Adults
  • Builds Office Goodwill
  • It’s FUN!

Key Features

  • Easy‐to‐use, Easy‐to‐manage, Easy‐to‐learn System
  • Unique Toll‐free Number
  • Maintenance‐free Operation
  • No Programming Needed
  • Affordable Cost
  • Less than 48 Hours’ Setup Time
  • Recordings Accessible Whenever You Want
  • UNLIMITED Number Of Calls

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