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For Urgent Calls, Contact Us

Contact AnswerNet Call CentersDo you need to reach a member of your team right away?

Is there a call, email or fax that you must respond to immediately?

AnswerNet's Paging Service reaches out to you or your staff.

Paging and dispatch are options with any of our inbound and ebound communications packages.

Paging and Dispatch Services

Paging and Dispatch BrochurePaging That Fits Your Needs

  • Choose how you want to page, or be paged.
  • AnswerNet can supply you with a pager or contact you on your existing pager or messaging device.
  • If you choose our pager, choose from a variety of popular pagers including numeric, alphanumeric, and two-way messaging.
  • We offer local, regional, and national coverage plans.

Local, Regional & National Paging Coverage

  • Most local paging service packages do not provide more than state-wide metropolitan coverage.
  • To better meet your needs, we offer 6 multi-state regions: Northwest, Pacific, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast.
  • Nationwide paging coverage allows one pager to work in most metropolitan city areas within all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We work with the leading carriers and suppliers across the country to deliver the most reliable coverage.

Prompt, Accurate Dispatching

  • We will provide you with a local or toll free number that is answered by our agents 24/7.
  • We stand ready to take detailed, accurate messages and dispatch them out to your pager or messaging device.
  • Our well-trained agents verify messages and dispatch them within seconds.
  • Notify your sales staff, service techs, and repair team and send them where they are needed with AnswerNet's Message Dispatch.
  • Reach all of your managers for an impromptu conference call or remind them of a regularly scheduled session with just one call!

Need towing dispatch services? Learn about our dispatch services for towing companies.

We can even send your staff text messages!

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