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Reach out to customers, prospects and research respondents with AnswerNet’s outbound call center services.

If you are looking for TeleSales, Telemarketing or Market Research services, no matter what your target audience or specific needs, AnswerNet’s dedicated outbound call center sites and trained management are ready to manage your Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) or Market Research outbound call programs!

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Outbound Call Center Services
AnswerNet's outbound call centers provide outbound call center services ranging from lead generation and qualification services to full service market research, serving as an outside sales force for your company.

Outbound Call Center Personnel
AnswerNet has a dedicated Outbound Call Center Services group devoted to meeting your requirements with award-winning, best-in-class capabilities -- coupled with superb scalability -- that enables us to match capacity with your outbound call service needs. Count on our skilled and results-focused outbound call center agents. They ask the right questions, assess needs, listen to what is being said, and know when to present offers and how to close the deals.

Our outbound call center agents can speak your customers’ and prospects’ languages, as we offer Spanish and French-speaking agents in addition to English.

Outbound Call Center Results
We closely monitor results and suggest list or scripting changes to meet your goals. Client Service Managers meet with you throughout each step of your program to assess results and, if necessary, make adjustments.

Telesales Brochure

TeleSales Outbound Center Services

AnswerNet's outbound call center TeleSales agents are specially selected, custom-trained and experienced in high-end, unscripted selling, cross-selling and up-selling to top executives and buyers. Our outbound call center TeleSales agents are highly knowledgeable of specific products and services and are dedicated for the duration of your sales cycle.

Let AnswerNet’s outbound call center TeleSales agents serve as your inside marketing and sales team to provide:

Outbound Call Center Services Customer profiling Customer profiling
Customer surveys
Outbound Call Center Services List and database development List and database development
Outbound Call Center Services Database verification Database verification
Outbound Call Center Services Lead qualification and management Lead qualification and management
Outbound Call Center Services Product marketing solutions Product marketing solutions
Outbound Call Center Services Seminar support Seminar support
Sales model refinement and support
Post-marketing efforts

Qualifying and education
Team selling
Closed-loop reporting
Live-agent or IVR outbound survey
campaigns to target prospects or existing
Inbound response via phone, email and/or
live chat

Learn more about our outbound call center Telesales Services.

Telemarketing Brochure

For Advanced B2B Telesales and B2B Appointment Setting services visit our new website at www.TeleSalesUS.com.

Telemarketing Outbound Center Services

AnswerNet takes a consultative approach in program design and management of your outbound call center telemarketing campaign. Our goal is to turn each outbound telemarketing contact into sales and results. We select, assign, train, supervise and monitor top-performing outbound call center agents. Ask us to customize scripts for different market segments using appeals that will get results.

Customized scripting
Appointment setting
List acquisition, scrubbing and testing
Live-agent outbound or outbound IVR
Multi-language capability
Customer surveys
Warm transfer hot leads to sales reps
Optional high-productivity predictive dialing
We use your database–administrator at
your office
Brochure/literature and product fulfillment
Live-agent or IVR outbound survey
campaigns to target prospects or existing
Inbound response via phone, email and/or
live chat

Learn about our outbound appointment setting services.

Market Research
Market Research Brochure

Learn more about our outbound call center Telemarketing Services (Opens new window).

Market Research Outbound Center Services

Become a success! AnswerNet’s Market Research outbound call center service, managed by the experts at the AnswerNet Market Research division, enable you to find out precisely what buyers are seeking. Services are research-based and focus on competitive positioning.

Market research surveys
Streaming media and videoconferencing
focus groups
Focus groups
Media testing theater
Database intelligence
Live-agent or IVR outbound survey
campaigns to target prospects or existing
Inbound response via phone, email and/or
live chat
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Internal focus group recruiting

Learn more about AnswerNet's outbound call center Market Research Services.

Outbound Call Center Facilities

AnswerNet has over 250 seats in 7 outbound call centers with the ability to expand as your business grows.

  • Testing a market? Our sites have staff that can give your program highly personalized attention.
  • Selling IT products or services? Our Telesales location employs tech-savvy pros to make sales calls, forward hot leads and close sales.
  • Need one big site to handle your campaign? Our predictive-dialer-equipped contact center has over 125 seats, plus bilingual English/Spanish-speaking agents.
  • Prospecting in Canada? AnswerNet TelePartners can convert prospects to customers in English and French.
  • Need focus group facilities? AnswerNet provides expert quantitative and qualitative market research services.
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