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Break Down the Language Barriers
Between You and Your Customer

AnswerNet offers multilingual call center services in any language.

Contact AnswerNet Call Centers AnswerNet’s fully bilingual Spanish and French-speaking call center capabilities, multilingual call center services and hearing-impaired TTY services can separate you from the competition.

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Fully Bilingual Spanish and French Speaking
Call Center Capabilities

AnswerNet’s multilingual call centers have Spanish and French-speaking agents, enabling your company’s telemarketing, telesales and teleservices programs to reach a multicultural customer base.

Bilingual Call Centers Specializing in Spanish and French-Speaking Customers

Not only does AnswerNet staff many of its contact centers with bilingual agents, we also have several fully bilingual call centers that specialize in handling Spanish and French-speaking customers.

With completely bilingual, 24/7 contact centers in we can provide fully scaleable services that save you money by avoiding redirection services and fees that come with connecting remotely to a bilingual agent.

Hearing-Impaired TTY Service

In addition, AnswerNet can connect you with your hearing-impaired customer base through the use of our TTY service.

Bilingual Call Center Services Tailored to Your Specific Needs

All of our bilingual call center services are tailored to the specific needs of your telemarketing, telesales and/or teleservices program, no matter how big or small your telemessaging needs are.

Multilingual Call Center Services – In Any Language

AnswerNet can provide a number of other language services for your projects. We have the ability to provide you with any language and dialect you need by connecting our call centers with our translation partners.

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