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Appointment Setting & Scheduling Services

Appointment Setting Services

- 24/7 Appointment Scheduling
- Sales Appointment Setting
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Virtual Receptionist Services

Virtual Receptionist Services:

Flexible, cost-effective way for screening, directing & handling phone calls, email, faxes and appointment scheduling. Learn more...
Order Entry, Processing & Fulfillment Services

Order Entry, Processing & Fulfillment:

Save on staffing costs & extend your busines hours with our 24/7 order entry, processing & fulfillment service.
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Now you can read about the AnswerNet Multi-Difference below.

The AnswerNet Multi-Difference

As the world’s largest telemessaging firm and an award winning call center company, AnswerNet helps each of its clients streamline their business operations by providing exceptional call center services.

Through its unique structure of over 50 tightly integrated call centers across North America, AnswerNet is able to give clients the same personal attention and customer service that you might find at a small call center while also providing large center capability, technology and campaign management.

Each inbound, outbound, and e-bound call center service is customized to meet your company’s business needs and is seamlessly delivered by the most professional and courteous agents in the industry.

Quick Facts

  • AnswerNet owns and operates over 50 tightly integrated call centers throughout North America. See locations of our call centers.

  • We customize every call center program to meet our clients’ needs. No program is too large or too small.

  • Our extremely flexible network of integrated call centers gives us the unique ability to precisely match agents to volume.

  • Our varying locations enable us to continually provide service, even during natural or man-made disasters.

  • Each year AnswerNet handles more than 60 million calls and internet contacts for over 35,000 clients ranging from Fortune 100 firms to small private practices.

  • AnswerNet agents go through a rigorous training process before answering calls and are continuously monitored using a 33-point quality assurance checklist.

  • As an industry leader, we have become known as “the call center’s call center” and are the choice for other call centers’ outsourcing needs, including back-up and overflow.

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AnswerNet Call Centers

AnswerNet Call Centers