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Market Research Services - Overview

Answering ServicesIn today’s market of limitless consumer choice, knowing precisely what customers want and need is the greatest competitive advantage a business can have.

AnswerNet’s Market Research Services specialize in collecting critical consumer data for marketing, advertising and production firms and their clients.

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Who We Are

AnswerNet’s Market Research Services are based in Las Vegas, Nevada with service capabilities throughout the United States and Canada and are part of AnswerNet’s 50+ contact and data centers.

We offer marketers and researchers customizable solutions to deliver full-scale market research data collection programs, as well as a la carte options such as Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) surveys, political polling and focus group recruitment.

What We Do

Our Market Research experts provide a wide array of data collection, analysis and recruitment services by managing your entire campaign or contributing our expertise to a project of a broader scope. Consider AnswerNet Market Research Services for:

  • Consumer products and product testing
  • Political polling for candidate races and ballot proposals
  • Media and entertainment (movies, television)
  • Advertising campaign testing
  • Travel, transportation and hospitality surveys
  • Business and professional services surveying
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical consumer surveys

AnswerNet’s Market Research Services provide customizable programs and campaign data collection methods, including:

  • CATI Surveys
  • IVR Surveys
  • Political Polling
  • Onsite/Intercept Surveys
  • Focus Group Recruitment and Facilitation
  • Product Research
  • Merchandising

Why AnswerNet?

Market Research BrochureWe combine expert market research professionals with budget-friendly programs to help you gain a competitive advantage by determining the factors that impact customer satisfaction, brand awareness and ultimately,  purchasing decisions.

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Market Research Services

Focus GroupFocus Group Recruiting:
Reduce costs & increase response using our Portable Focus Facilities & focus group recruiters. Learn more...
Intercept SurveysIntercept Surveys & Studies:
Attain the survey sample size needed for accurate research results. Local or national surveys. Learn more...
Polling and Opinion ResearchPolling & Opinion Research:
Expert political polling and constituent opinion research programs for political parties, candidates and interest groups. Learn more...<
Product Research ServicesProduct Research Services:
Get the data & tools needed to make informed decisions on advertising placement, product upgrades & more. Learn more...
Qualitative Research ServicesQualitative Research Service:
Quality qualitative studies using telephone, web, and automated IVR. Learn more...
Quantitative Research Services Quantitative Research Service:
Timely & accurate studies for brand research, social science research, consumer research & more. Learn more...
Survey Research Services Survey Research Services:
Get a comprehensive consultation to help choose the best survey research method for your data collection needs. Learn more...


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