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Stay Connected to Your Customers with AnswerNet’s Innovative
aVoice IVR - Interactive Voice Response Solutions!

Offer your customers the flexibility to order products at their convenience 24/7 with AnswerNet’s aVoice Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application and services.

aVoice IVR takes your customers on an easy to use, step-by-step ordering and appointment setting experience that reduces your business’ need for agent time on the phone.

You can also use aVoice for your internal business needs with automated company directories, database applications and appointment setting with reminder services.

AnswerNet’s aVoice IVR speach recognition technology gives callers the ability to obtain basic, key information and services ASAP.

This speech recognition feature allows your live agents, or ours, to rapidly and directly handle more complex and/or sensitive calls.

aVoice IVR
Interactive Voice Response Applications

  • Reminder Services
  • Appointment Setting
  • Company Directory
  • Clinical Trials
  • Order Entry
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Order Status
  • Voice Mail
  • Inventory
  • Confirmation
  • Customer Surveys
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Surveys
  • Market Research
  • Message Services
  • Employee Testing
  • Account Status
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Qualification
  • Status Updates
  • Call Backs
  • Contests
  • Opinion Polls

What Can aVoice IVR Solutions Do For You?

IVR BrochureaVoice IVR is a multifaceted tool, enabling more effective outbound as well as inbound calling.

aVoice IVR can capture callers’ phone numbers and convenient callback times.

Qualify leads via our aVoice IVR application for follow-up calls by your agents, or ours, to make appointments or direct sales.

aVoice IVR can process your calls in a more streamlined fashion than traditional telephone answering, reducing call times and saving you money!

A Variety of aVoice IVR Service Options
to Meet Your Specific Needs

Order Taking with aVoice
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

We can program your application to accept product names or other identifiers, making it easier for callers to place orders.

We validate credit card information and addresses to provide you with reference information from caller inquiries.

Status Updates using aVoice IVR

Reference code and order numbers are provided for each of your customers’ orders via our IVR Text-to-Speech engine.

Call Back Applications using aVoice IVR

Never miss a call! aVoice IVR servers can capture a potential customer’s name and phone number during heavy volume hours. Our IVR call center agents can then call customers back to close the sale for you.

Reminder Services using aVoice IVR

Have the aVoice IVR system monitor your appointment database and automatically call your customers to remind them of your important appointment.

Company Directory using aVoice IVR

aVoice IVR's Voice-enabled company directory allows you to easily edit employee names and phone numbers or extensions.

Update your number in the Company Directory application to ensure your customers’ calls are routed directly to you.

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Satisfaction Surveys using aVoice IVR

Do you have a customer satisfaction survey to complete? aVoice IVR can gather customer information from your best resources to reduce agent time and save you money.

Contact Us today for a free aVoice IVR Interactive Voice Response Consultation!

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