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Identity Theft Response Services
If this is an emergency, call 800-411-5777 and let us know that you need emergency Identity Theft Response assistance for your business.

Protect Your Customers With AnswerNet’s
Identity Theft Response Services

Business continues with minimal disruption.
Stay in contact with your customers, clients and employees.

AnswerNet's Identity Theft Services are available to
answer your calls as well as take and relay messages 24/7
even if you, or your staff, are unavailable.

Count on your customers’ calls being answered, as AnswerNet has over 50 contact centers across the United States and Canada.

Tell callers what is going on - Supply vital information, take easily retrieved messages and provide basic follow-up with pre-recorded messages, voicemail and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Menus are simple to navigate and easy scripting lets you alter messages and menu options quickly as circumstances change.

Arrange to seamlessly redirect your calls or emails to AnswerNet at the first sign of Identity Theft - Let our agents act as your emergency communications go-between.

Working together, we can develop an Identity Theft Response strategy before a security breach occurs.

Be pro-active in the event of a security breach by having us call or deliver outbound IVR messages to clients, key customers and employees. Keep them informed of changes with new calls and messages.

Identity Theft Response Features

  • Easy to set up – ID Theft hotlines can be up and running within hours
  • Scripting and information changes on the fly
  • Inbound and outbound calling services to suit your needs

Multiple Identity Theft Response Service Levels to Meet Your Needs

24/7 Live Agent Coverage Respond to specific customer requests
24/7 Automated Response Pre-recorded messages with voicemail option answers customers’ calls and saves money
Blended Service Combination of live/automated to handle all call types
Outbound Follow-up Service Tell your customers what they can do to protect themselves

AnswerNet management and staff are highly experienced in providing expert and confidential Identity Theft Response Services for any size business.

Click here to have our Identity Theft Response Service Representative contact you!

Be proactive. Contact us now to learn more about setting up Identity Theft Response Services for your business.

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