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Your customers, clients, prospects, and the many others emailing your organization expect acknowledgement and a timely response.

Let AnswerNet be your "info@, sales@, support@".

By having us manage your email, you'll save time and resources; freeing your staff to handle more productive tasks.

Email Management Services

Quality Email Response

  • Our Email Response agents are specially selected from our team based on their superior writing, typing and comprehension skills to provide clear, concise and prompt responses.
  • Our staff can use your knowledge bases to create accurate, quickly prepared answers (and save you money). They will escalate issues that they cannot resolve to your appropriate team members.
  • If there are truly URGENT messages we can even call or page your employees.
  • To assure customers that their messages are being read, AnswerNet can send out receipt confirmations.

Email Management Program Options

  • Choose between a shared or dedicated-agent program to best fit your volume and needs.
  • Today's competitive market means communicating in your customers' language. AnswerNet has agents fluent in Spanish and French, and in many more languages through our translation partners.
  • To give peace of mind, for compliance reasons, or in case there are any questions about what was "said" we can save and store all email communications.

Advanced Email Management Technology Tools

  • AnswerNet provides email management with the choice of tapping into your existing response tools or using ours.
  • Our advanced software provides robust routing and workflow processing.
  • It sends each customer automatic replies indicating when we received their messages as it routes the message tickets to our agents.
  • Our agents can use a standard response library or access your knowledge bases to quickly formulate responses.
  • The system enables our agents to prioritize emails for urgent attention and provides easy to follow threads to see where the messages are in each stage of the interaction.

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