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aVoice IVR
Automate your Direct Response DRTV Campaign with the aVoice Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

  • Take orders 24/7
  • Scalable
  • Customizable
  • Cost Effective

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Few marketing programs are as exciting, rewarding or as potentially risky for newcomers as Direct Response. You watch the switchboards light up and hear agents talk with customers or donors as ad spots, infomercials and pledge appeals appear on the screen or are heard live. There is an anticipation and expectation when an ad hits the streets or a mail/email piece is delivered to customers or prospects.

Direct Response BrochureAnswerNet can help ensure that your promotion is a success by responding to all customer calls promptly, no matter how busy the phone lines get. Whether you are anticipating 1,000 calls or 10,000; whether you are running a local spot or a national campaign - we are standing by to capture each order, donation or pledge.

Our agents quickly and accurately enter all the information needed to complete each request using our web-based or customized order entry software.

Our Direct Response Experience and Capabilities

No matter what size or scale, we have the experience to handle your campaign. Hundreds of companies, including leading businesses, charities and celebrities, have chosen us to manage their direct response/DRTV programs.

Our 50+ networked call centers have over 1,200 seats that are staffed with helpful well-trained agents.

Let Us Help Make Your Direct Response Campaign a Success!

To make a direct response campaign a success requires a combination of careful planning, scalability and flexibility. AnswerNet will consult with you to devise a customized direct response campaign that will handle a realistically projected call volume.

Our project management staff works closely with you to carefully script calls to streamline the inquiry/order process and maximize conversions.

All direct response campaign programs include scheduled meetings throughout the campaign to review and, if necessary, revise your program.

Flexible Direct Response Program Options

AnswerNet can handle your direct response program from start to finish, 24/7. Choose between full-time, overflow and weekend/after-hours support. Make your campaign one that your customers will remember with our toll-free vanity numbers!

  • Multi-Language and Communication Support
    Are you marketing to international customers? AnswerNet can provide its services in Spanish or French, and in many more languages through our translation partners. Our TTY service connects with the hearing-impaired.

  • Contact AnswerNet Call CentersOrder Management & Fulfillment Services
    AnswerNet delivers a one stop direct response solution with our in-house abilities to warehouse, process, and deliver products quickly and reliably .

  • Timely Reporting and Results
    View your transactions and receive detailed information via our easy-to-view and easy-to-use customized reporting packages. Obtain that critical data in customized daily, weekly, or monthly reports, faxed or emailed directly to you.

Contact us today to set up a customized call center services for your direct response TV advertising (DRTV) campaign.

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