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Customer Care & Help Desk Services!

Your customers deserve one-on-one personal attention.

AnswerNet provides cost-effective customer care, customer service, customer support, help desk, and sales support solutions suited to meet your individual needs.

Bilingual English, Spanish & French Available. Only US or Canada agents answer the phones.

Rely on us 24/7, during peaks, after-hours or in the event of an emergency.

Save on costs. Minimize unnecessary call center labor, real estate and technology investments and avoid long program ramp-up times by outsourcing to us.

Flexible Customer Care and Customer Service Solutions

Whether you have a steady flow of call volume or spikes in traffic, feel confident AnswerNet can deliver quality care.

Our 1,200 seats housed in a network of 50+ call centers across the US and Canada stand ready to handle your customers' calls, emails and live chats.

With our contact centers each sized no larger than 100 seats, we can give your program the up close and personal attention it deserves.

Select from a shared-agent or a dedicated-agent plan that best fits your needs.

Quality Customer Care

Customer Care BrochureYour callers expect excellent customer care and customer service when they contact your company.

AnswerNet delivers care and service with friendly, helpful agents that are ready to answer calls promptly and listen carefully to your customers needs. Each call is handled per your instructions.

We can access your knowledge base for a solution or create one for you within our system. Unresolved issues are then escalated to the appropriate person on your staff for resolution.

AnswerNet accurately documents all contacts to ensure proper communication back to you and your staff.

Need Sales Support?

Direct your sales inquiry calls to us, and our highly skilled agents will provide the quality service that encourages customers to buy.

Our agents can identify cross-sell/upsell opportunities when interacting with your customers. We will make the sales or we can forward the contacts to one of your sales professionals. We can work with you to identify potential top-level buyers by examining purchase patterns.

“Help Desk” Customer Support Options - Products, Services & IT

Help Desk BrochureProducts, services and "IT" sometimes fail to work. AnswerNet can help resolve these issues, helping you retain customers. Our staff triages each call, opening a trouble ticket and escalating calls to your appropriate staff member in any format you desire (live patch, voicemail, email).

If you charge for your support, our agents can process orders and take down payment information.

Take the next step by having AnswerNet resolve issues. We can dedicate agents that are trained to diagnose problems and help customers fix them by tapping into your knowledge base. They will escalate any issues they cannot solve to your technicians.

Do your customers' product or service problems require field repair? We'll dispatch pages to your field staff.

Contact us today to design customer care or help desk support services for your business or organization.

More features...

Multi-Language and Communication Support

Do you have a large number of non-English speaking customers? Let us help them in Spanish or French (plus other languages through our interpreter partners) and provide a relationship-building comfort zone. Give your hearing-impaired customers the attention they deserve through our TTY service.

Dealer Locator

Your customers want to know where you are. AnswerNet agents can provide location and driving directions support 24/7.

Disasters - Plan Today and Avoid Downtime

The key to successfully navigating downtime and emergencies is to plan your response for them before they occur. Redirect your customer care calls to AnswerNet and let our agents act as your emergency customer care center.

Contact us today to design customer care or help desk support services for your business or organization.

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