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AnswerNet/Messages Plus - New York City Call Center in New York

New York City Call Center & Answering Service

Messages Plus has highly train staff that is experienced with handling all types of traditional answering services and internet services for private and public sector clients, non-profit organizations and many more.


Located in Manhattan, Messages Plus is close to major broadcast and film production facilities, making it an ideal location for DRTV, fundraisers, telethons, film and television settings.


The New York City call center is part of AnswerNet—the world's largest telemessaging firm and full-service provider of Inbound, Outbound, Automated and Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) Call Center Solutions. AnswerNet has 50+ locations—including New York City—that provides call center services and telephone answering services throughout North America.

Call Center & Answering Services Provided

  • Telephone Answering Service (TAS)
  • Medical Answering
  • Help Desk
  • DRTV
  • Fundraising


Industry Expertise

  • Government Agencies
  • Fundraising
  • Entertainment
  • Property Management


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AnswerNet/Messages Plus - New York City
Call Center Location:

7 Elk Street Lower Level
New York, NY 10007

Local Office Phone: 800-466-3626

AnswerNet Corp. : 800-411-5777

To order new services:

Please call AnswerNet at 800-411-5777 or contact us online by using our web form.