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Appointment Setting | Sales Appointment Setting Services

Appointment Setting Services Turn Leads Into Sales
and Existing Clients Into More Sales

Appointment Setting BrochureLet us do your phone calling, appointment setting and appointment reminders for your business, company, medical service, or organization.

Is your sales staff spending too much time making cold calls and not enough time closing sales?

Let AnswerNet make the phone calls and set the sales appointments for your staff.

We’ll take your leads, make the calls, set the sales appointments and conduct follow-up reminders. By the way... We love making cold calls!

Our Appointment Setting Services provide your business and its sales staff with:

  • Efficient campaigns that put your sales staff face-to-face with qualified prospects
  • Effective generation of leads into secured appointments
  • Dynamic script writing that guarantees ideal leads are turned into set appointments
  • Customized strategies based on your business’ products and services
  • Identification and use of preferred call lists
  • Call list/database cleanup and vetting
  • Real-time appointment rescheduling and cancellations
  • Online access to schedules and calendars
  • Customizable calendar layouts, color coding and retrieval methods
  • Multiple salesperson/location scheduling services
  • Simultaneous accessibility to calendars and schedules by multiple users

Appointment Setting Services for Any Business or Organization

Let us be your appointment setter for you business. We can set your sales appointments. You close the sales.

Our award-winning programs provide a vast array of business sales staff, medical professionals, insurance companies and consultants with focused and efficient Appointment Setting Services including:

  • Real Estate
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Outside Sales Teams
  • Home Improvement Companies
  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Pediatricians
  • …and many more! (Contact Us and speak
    to one of our consultants.)

Have a Medical Practice?
Let Us Be Your
Medical Receptionist!

Are your medical receptionists overwhelmed and do not have time to make appointment reminder phone calls?

Have a list of patients due for their annual Medical Appointment Settingphysicials or dental checkups? Let AnswerNet make the calls to remind them and set the appointments for you.

AnswerNet's Appointment Setting Services not only provide reminders to your patients, but can schedule (or reschedule) the appointments for you using our Online Appointment Scheduler.

Contact Us now to set up appointment setting services for your medical office.

Let us be your appointment setting company for handling both your sales appointments and appointment reminder messages.

Ask AnswerNet to take care of your Appointment Setting Services, and let your sales teams focus on sales.

Our agents can qualify leads, determine whether prospects are interested, and set up the appointments with our Online Appointment Scheduler program - or we can use your online appointment program. We can also send out appointment reminders as outbound voice messages or emails to confirm your appointments.

Contact AnswerNet Call Centers

When hot prospects are on the lines, AnswerNet’s agents can patch in your sales staff to complete the deals. Or, we can take messages and forward them to your sales staff. And by using our network of over 50 call centers in the United States and Canada, we can contact leads at any time, anywhere!

If customers/prospects/leads wish to change or cancel appointments, we can supply toll-free numbers or email addresses for them to contact us and reschedule.

By using AnswerNet’s Appointment Setting Service and Online Appointment Scheduler, your appointments are easily accessible from anywhere you have internet access.

Contact Us Contact Us today to set up
your sales appointment setting
and reminder messaging services.

Already have your own online appointment scheduler program?
No problem. We can use your online program with our appointment setting service. Contact Us to discuss how.

Need more than sales appointment setting support?
Want help cross-selling, upselling, and closing sales?
Extend your sales team with our full range of telesales services.

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