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Bilingual & Multilingual Answering Services

Are you losing valuable customers that do not speak English because your staff is not capable of communicating with them?

Do you want to reach non-English speaking prospects more effectively?

Not sure where to turn to for a reliable Bilingual Answering Service?

At AnswerNet, our Bilingual Answering Services provide your customers and prospects with highly trained, bilingual agents who are ready to answer your calls 24/7/365.

Our unique bilingual services provide agents that are capable of speaking multiple dialects of fluent French and Spanish.

In addition, AnswerNet teams up with interpreting services for further translation of over 250 world languages and dialects to ensure your business caters to and supports all of your customers.

Basic Call Handling

If a caller does not speak English, AnswerNet employees are trained to quickly and accurately find out which language they would like to speak.

Our third party professional translation partners are then connected to relay information from the customer to the agent.

Advanced Call Handling

Are you a business that receives many multilingual callers but you do not have the staff to correspond with and meet these callers’ needs? Are you having trouble locating a Bilingual Answering Service that suits all of your needs?

AnswerNet agents are available around the clock to directly handle frequent calls from Spanish and French customers. They fluently speak Spanish and French to help your business remain successful by accommodating clients' needs.

If a language other than Spanish or French is by the customer, our translation partners are standing by in order to be patched into the call instantly.

Your business can satisfy customer needs and save money in the long run by teaming up with AnswerNet’s Bilingual Answering Services to maintain the multilingual aspect of your business.

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