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Headquartered in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, AnswerNet is the largest privately held telemessaging (telephone answering) firm in the world and a full service provider of inbound, outbound, and e-bound call center services that are available 24/7/365 in language, time zone, and dialect preference.

Quick Facts

  • AnswerNet owns and operates over 50 tightly integrated call centers throughout North America. See locations of our call centers.
  • We customize every call center program to meet our clients’ needs. No program is too large or too small.
  • Our extremely flexible network of integrated call centers gives us the unique ability to precisely match agents to volume.
  • Our varying locations enable us to continually provide service, even during natural or man-made disasters.
  • Each year AnswerNet handles more than 60 million calls and internet contacts for over 35,000 clients ranging from Fortune 100 firms to small private practices.
  • AnswerNet agents go through a rigorous training process before answering calls and are continuously monitored using a 33-point quality assurance checklist.
  • As an industry leader, we have become known as the “call center’s call center” and are the choice for other call centers’ outsourcing needs, including back-up and overflow assistance.
  • Our full service team of in-house technicians is available to provide technical assistance 24/7/365.

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History in Our Wires

Established in 1998, AnswerNet, formerly AnswerNet Network, has grown exponentially over the past decade in efforts to expand our reach and capabilities.

Corporate Environment

At AnswerNet, we understand that our company cannot succeed in existence alone but rather we are able to achieve our goals through the hard work and dedication of over 1,200 employees across the country who steadfastly remain committed to helping our clients’ businesses grow.

This is why each day we strive to provide opportunities where success is possible in a nurturing environment that embraces individual achievement and professional advancement.

Opportunities for Success Read more.

We are proud to promote from within and when people come to work for AnswerNet they are given the chance to have a career, not just a job. In fact, most of our contact centers’ assistant and general managers, along with some of our senior corporate managers, started with us as a call center agent.

Each of our 50+ locations offers a friendly, family atmosphere with flexible schedules, good pay and additional skills training.

Our work environment and opportunities for career advancement enables us to keep job commitment and client dedication high.

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Mission Statement

AnswerNet’s mission is to provide our customers with the people, services and technology to allow them to run their businesses, their way.

Core Values Read more.

During a senior meeting in 2007, each attendee was challenged to select the characteristics of what makes the AnswerNet team so successful. Their answers resulted in the following six core values of our company:

  • Passion
  • Good Attitude
  • Team Player
  • Detail Oriented
  • Effective Communicator
  • Kind & Likeable

Because of the manner in which these characteristics were chosen, each of the core values above serve not only as a representation of who we are as a company, but also who we strive to be in the years to come.

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Community Involvement

Our passion as a company extends far beyond our daily operations and is visible in the activities we engage in outside the office walls. To encourage employee participation in their communities and accomplish AnswerNet’s corporate philanthropic goals, we established AnswerNet Cares in 2008.


Call Center Operations

AnswerNet’s unique structure of over 50 networked call centers across North America allows us to provide clients with intimate local service and attention to detail alongside large scale technology and capabilities necessary for high volume campaigns.

AnswerNet Call Center Locations Read more.

Click for Locations Of Our Call CentersTogether, our 50+ interconnected call centers enable us to offer clients a choice in language, accent, time zone preference, and bilingual services.

The varying locations and flexible nature of our centers also provides the unique ability to precisely match agents to volume and provide disaster-resistant call center service.

Many of our call centers focus on specialized campaigns, including telesales, telephone answering, direct response, and licensed-agent insurance services.

See a list of locations for our call centers.

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Call Center Agent Training Read more.

Our agents go through a rigorous hiring and training process to ensure that all calls are answered promptly, professionally, and with the highest committment to quality customer service available in the industry.

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AnswerNet Media Kit

Download our media kit to read about our company including a comprehensive list of our call center and answering services.

Download our Media Kit (PDF)

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